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AM-BOSS aluminium pull-down attic access ladders comply to the Building Code of Australia and are CodeMark Certified.

AM-BOSS pull-down access ladders with CodeMark Certification are compliant when manufactured.  Altering, modifying or not installing as per 'Installation Guidelines' will VOID certification.


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Intelligent Design Features
A spring assisted mechanism allows for a quick and easy operation.  As the AM-BOSS 'Access-Boss' attic access ladder is constructed from welded aluminium, it is strong and durable, and all steel parts including springs, are zinc plated.  The ladder is mounted in such a way as to allow clearance between the steps and the ceiling hatch for safer footing.  Standard and Full-length Handrails are also available.  Dust and draught sealing strips and slim fitted architraves are standard on most types.  All models feature concealed hinges.  The AM-BOSS attic access ladder is fully adjustable and easily installed!


Tough and Durable
Ingenious spring system counter balance is designed in such a way that when the hatch is closed, the springs are almost relaxed, ensuring life long service.  The hatch has a built-in frame, and a rod is supplied to make opening of the hatch easy.  Made in 3 sections for strength, easy operation and easy reach, even at 3.3m.  Available to order: 4-Section ladders and special size manholes.  Escape ladders are also available (see link below: Top Opener & Escape Ladders).

It is in all of our interests, Customer, Distributor and Manufacturer to supply a product that gives trouble free service, and works for many years without the Customer having to come back and the inconvenience to all of us.  That is why AM-BOSS attic access ladders come with a 20 Year Warranty on all aluminium domestic models.

As well as this AM-BOSS attic access ladders are fully assembled and easily installed.

Our type 'Access-Boss'  and 'Big-Boss' attic access ladder is manufactured in Aluminium with the flat non-slip treads welded into the stiles.

The 'Access-Meister' is manufactured in top grade NZ Pine Timber.

All come fully assembled and include concealed hinges, draft seal, counter balancing, neat metal architrave, and installation is a breeze.

No Assembly, no cutting, no mistakes.


EASY SELECTION OF MODEL NO's: Example: Model No.: 2460 nominates a ceiling height of 2.45m to 2.6m; Model No: 2680 nominates a ceiling height of 2.6m to 2.8m; Model No: 2830 nominates a ceiling height of 2.8m to 3.0m, and so on.  We do not believe in cutting to size as the bottom step should be the same distance off the floor as the spacing's from all other steps!!!

Each unit comes with instructions and a pole to operate the unit.  We have on the shelf models to a ceiling height of 3.6m, but make models up to 5.8m.  For more information or your nearest distributor contact AM-BOSS.




        AM-BOSS 4-Section Option        Standard Handrail               Full-length Handrail              4-Section (Useful for          In-ceiling Handrail / Grabrail

                                                                                                     limited or confined   


Clearance "A" can be reduced by using a 4-Section ladder.
Clearance "B" can be reduced by making ladder stand at 70 degrees.  Maximum clearance measurements are taken with ladder standing at 60 degrees.

The 'Access-Boss', with its strength, simple, practical and trouble free design is extremely well suited to commercial and domestic applications.



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