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AM-BOSS pull-down access ladders were originally tested in 1996 and rated at 150kg at any given point (not spread weight)

In 2009 the AM-BOSS "Heavy Duty" Commercial Series was tested and rated at 400kg at any given point (not spread weight).

Recently, in 2013, the AM-BOSS "Inferno-Boss" was tested to a load capacity of 200+ kilos at four key points.




AM-BOSS pull-down Fire-Rated access ladders comply to AS1530.4-2005 and have a -/90/90 rating. 

*AM-BOSS "Inferno-Boss" Ready for Testing at 1100°C

*AM-BOSS "Inferno-Boss" wired to numerous heat sensors

The underside of *AM-BOSS "Inferno-Boss" - Glowing red hot



Presently the AM-BOSS "Inferno-Boss" is manufactured on-grade at 68° approx., to suit ceiling heights up to 3000mm.  The ladder is manufactured in strong, durable, welded aluminium with a ladder width of 400mm with 75mm deep Stiles and Treads.




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