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Am-boss Access Ladders - Commercial Series Information Continued

Fixed Access Ladders

Once again, we have a large range of Fixed Access Ladders for your convenience. They can include:

Welded Aluminium
Long Handrails
Fixed Stanchions
Telescopic Stanchions
Overpass Parapet
Alternate Grades
Galvanised Steel
Pit Access

Roof Access/Hatch

Many customers require access to their roof, and often request a hatch to discreetly hide the access ladder. They can include:

Zincalume Hatch
Lockable Hatch
Gas Stays
High Sides
Steel Structure
Aluminium Structure
Pull-Down Access
Telescopic Stanchions

Suspended Ceiling Access Ladders

If you are after suspended ceiling access ladders, look no further! They can include:

Steel Structure
Aluminium Structure
Telescopic Stanchions
Pull-Down Access

Special Manufacture Access Ladders

Our clients can often request a special or customised design for their access ladder. Please get in touch with our team at Am-boss Access Ladders to discuss your options.



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