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The History Of The First Fire Escape Ladder

The very first fire escape ladder was invented by a man named Joseph Winters in 1878. At this time, he used a wagon to hoist the ladder up, which was designed for the Pennsylvanian city of Chambersburg. This led to the ladders being gradually introduced into use for fire engines. As buildings started being built higher and higher, metal ladders were attached outside of windows for easy escape.

After the invention of the fire escape ladder, many people began to take the view that families should have them as well, as a safe option during a house fire. With portable fire escape ladders, suddenly any window on any building, including multistory homes, could become an escape route in a fire.

There are important features to fire escape ladders, in both portable and permanent forms. Standoffs are protrusions that assist in keeping the ladder rungs away from the window and enable you to climb out easier and safely by maintaining your balance as you work your way down. Permanent ofire escape ladders offer a more stable standoff and are used by pushing a lever. Either are highly recommended for the safety and peace of mind that they offer.

It is important to actually practice a home fire drill so that your family can learn how to use fire escape ladders. This can make it easier to react in the event of a real fire. Children have, on average, two fire drills a year at school - however most fires occur in the home. Having a fire drill at hom on a regular basis can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to a real fire.

The fire escape ladder has changed a great deal since the first wooden ladder built by Joseph Winters. The fire escape ladders are now available in all sizes and can be metal, wooden or rubber. The portable ladders can work for a home up to four stories tall while the fire engine ladders can extend up to eight or nine stories tall safely.

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