Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cut-out required for the Domestic attic ladders?  (Commercial Series Models differ).

For ceiling heights up to 2800mm:

'Access-Boss' and 'Access-Meister' Models ceiling cut-out is 1220mm x 570mm;

             ‘Big-Boss’ Models ceiling cut-out is 1220mm x 770mm.

For ceiling heights from 2800mm up to 3800mm:

 'Access-Boss' and 'Access-Meister' Models ceiling cut-out is 1520mm x 570mm;

            Note:  'Access-Meister' Models are not available above 3400mm.

            ‘Big-Boss’ Models ceiling cut-out is 1520mm x 770mm.

Chat with our team to learn more about ceiling cut-outs for ceilings that are larger than 3800mm.

Are your products sold as complete sets?

Yes. Our pull-down access ladders come fully assembled—complete with hook and pole, frame, architrave, screws.

Can you customise your designs by adding handrails?

Yes. Handrails for attic ladders are optional. Choose from the standard option (fixed to the top section) or full-length (fixed to the top and middle section).

Do you trim existing models to fit?

We design our own products to specification so cutting finished items is not necessary. We believe the first step should be equidistant when compared to the other steps. Each AM-BOSS attic access ladder, (domestic series models) caters for a height variation of approximately 200mm for ceiling heights up to 3600mm.

Are AM-BOSS access solutions easy to install?

Yes. You can either DIY or call AM-BOSS to organise a professional installation.

Can I purchase a custom fall-arrest system?

Yes!  We fashion a range of designs to suit specific environments. Talk to us about your requirements today.

Are your products manufactured in Australia?

Yes. Our factory is located in Sunshine North, Melbourne.

How do I determine the most suitable model?

Simply measure from your finished floor to the underside of your ceiling and then find the model that fits. Each design caters for a specified ceiling height. For example, if your ceiling height is 2400mm—the corresponding model is 2345, which is appropriate for ceiling heights between 2300mm and 2450mm. If you are unsure just give us a call.

Do you sell direct?

Yes. We can arrange delivery to almost anywhere worldwide.

Do you have an outlet interstate?

We have distributors  in every state and territory in Australia.

What does ‘load rating’ mean?

The AM-BOSS pull-down access ladder was physically tested by Metlabs in Melbourne and was rated at 150kg at any given point. Note: this is not a spread weight. 120kg Load Rating is considered ‘Industrial’ strength — and we surpass this.

Over 40 Years (4 DECADES) of Professional Experience!

Do you have a question that we have not answered here? Call AM-BOSS today.


AM-BOSS Access Ladders is certified to install and test Fall Arrest Systems such as Anchor Points, Static Lines, LadLines and Abseil Anchors; and are equipped for Inspection and Maintenance to ensure compliance with AS1891.1, 2, 3, 4 for Fall Protection and Working At Height.



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