Fire-Rated Aluminium Attic Ladders

FireBoss8 000The test performance of a specimen is expressed as a ‘Fire Resistance Level’, which indicates the number of minutes for which the specimen fulfils the requirements of the three fire test criteria - for example: – /60/60. The first position notes structural adequacy. A dash indicates no requirement for this criteria, which applies to all non-loadbearing systems. The second position, shown here as 60 indicates ‘Integrity’ for 60 minutes. The third position shown here as 60 indicates ‘Insulation’ for 60 minutes.

The AM-BOSS "Inferno-Boss" was tested in 2013 and its load capacity is over 200kg at four key structural points. AM-BOSS “Inferno-Boss” aluminium attic ladders comply with AS1530.4-2005 and flaunt a -/90/90 rating. Currently, the ‘Inferno-Boss’ is manufactured on-grade at approximately 68° to suit ceiling heights up to 3000mm. The ladder is made of strong, durable welded aluminium with a width of 400mm approx., and 75mm-deep stiles and treads.


Improved Mobility during Emergencies

Our range of fire-rated products are durable and are designed to function reliably during some of the most intense environmental conditions that you could experience inside a building. The ‘Inferno-Boss’ is manufactured and assembled in-house. We only use the best materials and custom-made parts to complete our systems.

Be Prepared with AM-BOSS

Call us to learn more about our fire-rated aluminium attic ladders. We also fabricate other types of roof access and can coordinate professional installations.


AM-BOSS Access Ladders is certified to install and test Fall Arrest Systems such as Anchor Points, Static Lines, LadLines and Abseil Anchors; and are equipped for Inspection and Maintenance to ensure compliance with AS1891.1, 2, 3, 4 for Fall Protection and Working At Height.



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