Commercial Roof Ladders and Fall-Arrest Systems

commercial1Maintenance infrastructure is an important feature for any large building. Contractors and other personnel use commercial access ladders or roof ladders, which may include a supporting fall-arrest system if required, as part of fall prevention to access pipes, air conditioning units, service equipment in the ceiling space or on topside surface areas safely. When you work at great heights your personal well being should be paramount.

At AM-BOSS, we offer a range of designs that are manufactured to suit each individual environment and accommodate various site specifications. Our range is sturdy enough to withstand constant use as well as external, environmental abuse.

The AM-BOSS Commercial Series pull-down access ladder comes complete with smooth access panel, no screws or hinges visible, neat metal architrave, draft seal, perfect counter balancing, adjustable ladder with bottom step always the same distance off the floor as spacing from other steps. No assembly needed, no cutting, no mistakes made.

Experience in the Field

We have engaged in numerous projects with telecommunication companies. Transmission towers are typically found on top of commercial establishments and so access is required via the ceiling on the top floor to the roof. Our heavy duty range of suspended ceilings and roof ladders are a popular choice.

Commercial Series Models

For large, industrial facilities where pull-down access ladders are required we recommend the ‘Heavy Duty’ model. This version has been rated at a whopping 400kg and is manufactured with 100mm stiles and treads.

A Secure Fall-Arrest System for Everyone

Fall prevention and fall protection is vital when someone is climbing and working at relatively high altitudes or elevated heights. All it takes is one slip or human error and you are at tremendous risk of being hurt. AM-BOSS is certified to install and test fall arrest systems such as anchor points, static lines, ladlines and abseil anchors; and are equipped for inspection and maintenance to ensure compliance with AS1891.1, 2, 3, 4 for fall protection and working at height.

Only the Best Access Solutions

AM-BOSS pull-down access ladders comply with the Building Code of Australia and are CodeMark Certified.

Call the Experts

Get in touch with AM-BOSS today to discuss any technical queries about our products.



AM-BOSS Access Ladders is certified to install and test Fall Arrest Systems such as Anchor Points, Static Lines, LadLines and Abseil Anchors; and are equipped for Inspection and Maintenance to ensure compliance with AS1891.1, 2, 3, 4 for Fall Protection and Working At Height.



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